ADHD & Marriage News - July 24, 2020

Quote of the Week

“Let’s face it — masquerading as normal is a lot of work, especially when you don’t realize that’s what you’re doing”

-Nicole Perkowitz, in ADDitude Magazine article, “What Happened When I Stopped Apologizing for Being Me.”


Finding out you have ADHD is not just about symptoms, but also about emotions.  Sometimes there is relief.  “Finally!  This explains so much!”  Sometimes there is fear.  “What does this mean?  Am I lovable?  Am I broken?”  And sometimes there is resentment “Why can’t you just let me be me?!”

It is this latter that Perkowitz talks about in her article, which I recommend reading.  She: learns to embrace her ADHD and proudly asserts who she is; goes through a ‘love it or leave it’ stage; and then realizes that accepting ADHD is most effective if one learns that ADHD can impact those around you, too.  In the end, she muses “It’s not my fault that my brain style is less typical, and, therefore, less catered to, but nor is it anyone else’s fault either.”

It’s a call for understanding that imposing your way on others if you have ADHD is just as ‘icky’ as having others impose their way on you.  The healthiest relationship -with and without ADHD – are those in which each partner’s way of being is respected, and in which both partners seek to contribute their best self to the relationship.  To me that means being respectful; managing anger; finding a system that lets you be reliable a good part of the time; and showing lots of love.

Is either of you imposing your way on your partner?  Are both of you?

If you are struggling with task distribution and completion, please start this process.  There’s nothing easy at all about this dynamic, and even with ADHD in your relationship there are lots of ways to improve how you both feel about when and how things get done…and who does them.



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