Own Your Needs

ADHD & Marriage News - February 7, 2024

Quote of the Week

“If you need something and it feels silly to need it, then own your silly need.  Resist the urge to rationalize it away.  Resist the urge to rationalize, period, if something doesn’t feel right."

- Carolyn Hax

Own Your Needs

An interesting thing about the word ‘silly.’  It’s quite judgmental.  And yet I am guessing we have all used this sort of judgmental language or thinking before.  I know I have.

We all have needs and feelings.  They are real.  If you put them aside by calling them silly they don’t necessarily just go away.  So then what?

We have a right to all of our feelings, including feeling that we need something.  It is when we acknowledge and name whatever feeling we have (i.e. we ‘own’ it) that we can actually start to address it.

Please take a deep breath next time you judge a feeling as being silly, not worthy, awful, or any other adjective.  Then, ask yourself what your feeling is telling you…underneath.



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