Revenge is Not So Sweet

ADHD & Marriage News - September 14, 2020

Quote of the Week

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”


Revenge is Not So Sweet

How often did I say to myself things such as:

• ‘if my husband isn’t going to do X, then why should I do Y?’

• ‘why should I say thank you when he doesn't do the dishes like he’s supposed to? What about his recognizing my hard work?!’

• ‘he just hurt me…I don’t really care if I hurt him back…’

Chances are, you’ve at least had those thoughts, too.  The problem is, the person who is hurt by these thoughts is you AND your partner.  When you withhold generous feelings or stop showing appreciation you are cutting off your partner.  The more you cut off your partner, the less connected you are.  That hurts both of you.  And is no way to get the affectionate, loving relationship you want.

ADHD has never been ‘corrected’ or improved by punishment or revenge.  Ever.

I know why I thought those things – I was exhausted.  Frustrated.  Angry.  But still, that sort of revenge (and did my husband even notice it, anyway?!) was digging a grave for our marriage instead of building the affectionate relationship we wanted.

I tell partners – both ADHD and non-ADHD partners – not to let your struggles and frustrations turn you into a person you don’t like or respect.  Don’t let your frustration keep you from showing appreciation when it’s due.  Or saying thank you for the effort your partner puts in.  Don’t cut your connections as ‘revenge’…you are only digging two graves when you do so.


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