The ADHD Brain

ADHD & Marriage News - November 20, 2019

Quote of the Week

“The vast majority of adults with an ADHD nervous system are not overtly hyperactive. They are hyperactive internally.”

-William Dodson, MD

The ADHD Brain

One of the most interesting conversations a person with ADHD can have with his or her partner is about how each partner’s brain functions.  Often, the other person’s brain is completely foreign in quite unexpected ways.

And some of the descriptors are wonderful.  I’ve heard ‘popcorn brain’ (how descriptive!!); “like having faulty windshield wipers in a rainstorm – sometimes very clear, but often blurry” and “like the Library of Congress with no card catalogue” to name a few.

If you have ADHD, please consider sharing what your brain feels like.  If you’re married to someone with ADHD, please ask.


Want to learn more? A User's Guide to the Brain

For those in marriages impacted by ADHD

You can find great resources for couples impacted by ADHD at, including free: Online treatment overview; Downloadable chapters of my books; A community forum with other couples facing similar issues; A large number of blog posts on various topics; Referrals. Adult ADHD can have a huge impact on your relationship. can literally change your life!  


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Support Tele-groups - Be part of a community exploring similar issues; learn from each other's successes and struggles; and find new, more effective ways to be your best self in your relationship: Non ADHD Partner Support Tele-group and ADHD New Habit Coaching Group.

How to Optimize Treatment for Adult ADHD - go to the home page for a free download about the best ways to manage ADHD.

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