Naming Fear

ADHD & Marriage News - September 30, 2020

Quote of the Week

“The chief barrier to intimacy in a relationship is fear.  We’re afraid of being judged and rejected.  We’re in fear of disapproval…”

-David Brooks

Naming Fear

I’ve talked about parent/child dynamics a lot because it’s such an important factor in why relationships impacted by ADHD struggle.  Part of the reason for this struggle is fear.  For ADHD partners, that fear is about whether or not they will ‘fail’ yet again when they try to fulfill the promises they’ve made.  Whether they will be loved or criticized, instead.  Whether they will be appreciated, or perhaps belittled.  Fear that they are unlovable.  If you are an ADHD partner in a parent/child dynamic situation, life feels like a minefield.  It’s hard to move forward.

There is a different set of fears driving non-ADHD partners.  Fear that things will always remain chaotic and never get better.  Fear about not having control (since ADHD plays a role, and it’s not your own ADHD).  Fear of financial or health crises brought about by ADHD partner carelessness, lying or worse.  Fear that one’s partner isn’t capable of paying enough attention feel loved the way you had hoped you would.

Fear is a powerful emotion – and tends to send people into primitive responses such as fight, flight or freeze.  It is when you name these fears, allow that they can exist AND that you can start to improve the situation that progress is made.  By accepting the duality of your situation – yes, it’s okay to fear AND it’s smart to use what’s known to help couples impacted by ADHD – that you make progress.

What are the fears that you hold onto that need naming?


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