Here's a link to an article I wrote for ADDItude on what to do if you are feeling cooped up with ADHD in the COVID era.  It's from earlier in the pandemic.  More do come on what's happening now...

Closed childcare and schools are putting huge stress on parents.  Exhausted couples are pushed to their very limits.  9 tips for how to manage better during difficult times.

Sometimes you don't need to write something from scratch.  ADDitude Magazine put together a nice overview of ideas for adults with ADHD who are looking to be productive working from home.  You can find it here.

For those with ADHD, impulsivity, high energy, boredom and a need to connect may be getting in the way of staying safe.  Mixed opinions about whether you need to self-isolate or wear masks aside, sometimes it’s actually about ADHD.

Many couples impacted by ADHD have been able to improve their relationships using techniques known to improve both ADHD management and responses to ADHD symptoms.  Pandemic stressors are turning all of that on its head.  What’s going on, and what can you do about it to keep from going back to the bad old days?

Stress exaggerates our normal tendencies.  When one of you has ADHD and the other one doesn’t that can be a problem... or a blessing.  

Your styles have always been different, but now that matters a lot more.  Advice for couples struggling with suddenly finding themselves together 24/7, including ideas for making all that time together easier…even happy.

There are lots of worthwhile virtual resources for kids.   Here are some of them.

One family's challenge to balance two full-time jobs and caring for a toddler is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve been asked to self-quarantine, but your partner isn’t on board.  How do you effectively help a partner learn what to do without triggering defensiveness and parent/child dynamics?