Women with ADHD

A nice article has just been released in USA Today reviewing that more women with ADHD are getting diagnosed and using ADHD medications.  With a high rate of unplanned pregnancies for women of child-bearing age, experts weigh in on how to handle pregnancy and these medications.  Go to Why Cases of ADHD in Women are Skyrocketing.

About 50 percent of adults with ADHD suffer from an anxiety disorder. Here's the story of how Katie came to grips with hers. 

Katie, a 30-year-old journalist, has ADHD and her husband does not. In her first blog for ADHD and Marriage, she talks about life before and after receiving her diagnosis at 29 years old, and the moment she realized her marriage could be saved.

Want to know what it's like for women with ADHD?  Read this forum post and responses - it's very informative!

A woman with ADHD talks about the shame and remorse she feels about her childhood ADHD.

Last week in the New York Times, I read research that suggests that women’s health is hurt by keeping things that bother them inside, instead of communicating to their partners. And, it’s not just the relationship that is hurt, but their hearts as well.  Not just emotionally hurt, but physically. This is good news for women with ADD as we’ve never been accused of holding things in,  We must have pretty healthy hearts!

This is my first experience with blogging so you will be joining me on a new journey. I am not sure where to start except, I guess, with my own daily experiences as a woman with ADD in a good marriage and my experiences every day helping other women with ADD in their marriages.

Last night I was assigned the very simplest of tasks at dinnertime which was to open up a microwave package of rice and follow three easy steps- 1. squeeze (which I did very well I must say) 2. open and 3. microwave for 90 seconds. I was on a roll until step number 2.

We would like to introduce those of you who don't yet know her to Sari Solden, M.S., L.M.F.T.  She is a therapist and author who focuses on adults with ADHD and particularly women with ADHD.  Her book, "Women with Attention Deficit Disorder" provides insight into the special challenges that women with ADHD face.

Sari has agreed to be a guest author on this blog and we look forward to hearing her thoughts about how ADHD affects marriage and particularly how women with ADHD can improve their lives and marriages.

And while I'm thinking about ADHD, relationships, and women...