Women with ADHD

A nice article has just been released in USA Today reviewing that more women with ADHD are getting diagnosed and using ADHD medications.  With a high rate of unplanned pregnancies for women of child-bearing age, experts weigh in on how to handle pregnancy and these medications.

About 50 percent of adults with ADHD suffer from an anxiety disorder. Here's the story of how Katie came to grips with hers. 

Katie, a 30-year-old journalist, has ADHD and her husband does not. In her first blog for ADHD and Marriage, she talks about life before and after receiving her diagnosis at 29 years old, and the moment she realized her marriage could be saved.

Want to know what it's like for women with ADHD?  Read this forum post and responses - it's very informative!

A woman with ADHD talks about the shame and remorse she feels about her childhood ADHD.

Sari Solden discusses ways in which individuals with ADHD can more effectively communicate with their partners.

In her first blog post, Sari Solden shares some tips on self acceptance.

Introducing Sari Solden, and a quick thought on gender roles