Here is a link to a good article that was recently released about money management tips when you have ADHD.  It provides some solid statistics about the challenges plus a solid list of good ideas to improve things.  Go to this link...  I would be delighted if people wanted to start a thread about money management with this post.

Do the two of you have the experience of the ADHD spouse talking about all the great things he/she would like to do, but then not turning those things into reality?  When the ADHD spouse wakes up in the morning thinking "I have to get control of my day" but then doesn't really know how?  You may well.  Here is one specific idea to help the ADHD spouse turn the ideas into reality.

Do you have trouble keeping your workspace organized?  Are there papers and objects everywhere?  Piles upon piles?  If so, here are five specific, ADHD-friendly steps that will clean up your office fast, then make it easier to keep it that way:

Does it make sense for you to use a coach to get more organized?  If so, how do you find the right coach?  Certified Organizer Coach®, Sue West, has written a guest blog post to help you understand the different types of organization coaches, and where you might go to find one who fits your needs.

People with ADD have a higher rate of debt, more impulsive spending, and more arguments with their partner/spouse over money issues.  However, there is hope (and help available).   


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