You don't have to have stuff everywhere just because one or more of you has ADHD!

About 50 percent of adults with ADHD suffer from an anxiety disorder. Here's the story of how Katie came to grips with hers. 

Coming home to an ADHD partner's mess can raise the stress levels at home, encourage long-term resentment, and ruin your sex life.  Here's how to clear up the clutter fast.

Do you have trouble keeping your workspace organized?  Are there papers and objects everywhere?  Piles upon piles?  If so, here are five specific, ADHD-friendly steps that will clean up your office fast, then make it easier to keep it that way:

At our house, the holiday season has always been a special time of problems as well as joys.  The excitement of the holidays, the additional social interactions, the special demands of gift-giving and receiving, and the departure from routine all may be either especially stimulating or especially stressful -- to all of us, but especially to those in our family with ADD.  We always want to have a happy, loving, yummy holiday time.  Instead, we typically would either end up all yelling at each other, or in tears, by the time the holiday actually arrived.