With more than the usual numbers of commitments, the holidays can be stressful.  Here are some tips for lessening the tension and upping the joy factor.

People with ADHD can be easily overwhelmed – by too much to do, procrastination, and even by sensory overload.  If you are easily overwhelmed in the holidays, here are some ideas that could help:

At our house, the holiday season has always been a special time of problems as well as joys.  The excitement of the holidays, the additional social interactions, the special demands of gift-giving and receiving, and the departure from routine all may be either especially stimulating or especially stressful -- to all of us, but especially to those in our family with ADD.  We always want to have a happy, loving, yummy holiday time.  Instead, we typically would either end up all yelling at each other, or in tears, by the time the holiday actually arrived.