Ned Hallowell

Dr. Ned Hallowell argues that the current medical model of diagnosing and treating ADHD is destructive and needs to be replaced.  I agree.

I’ve recently had the pleasure to “meet” (long distance) Kathrine Ellison, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who is the author of a new book on ADHD.  It’s called “Buzz” (her son’s nickname) and tracks a year in her life with her ADHD son as the two of them learn to get along better.  She also has ADHD, so apparently the result is a book that is funny, heartwarming, and full of information about how you can help a teen with ADHD.

     We (Sue, Ned, Melissa) are excited and a tad anxious as we wait to see our books on the stands.  This is like bringing a new baby into the world.  We hope you all like our baby, MARRIED TO DISTRACTION: RESTORING INTIMACY AND STRENGTHENING YOUR MARRIAGE IN AN AGE OF DISTRACTION.  Let us know, ok?  Thanks!!!

Married to Distraction: Restoring Intimacy and Strengthening Your Marriage in an Age of Distraction, by Ned and Sue Hallowell, with Melissa Orlov, is being released on March 16th.  It's available for pre-order right now, and one of Dr.

There are two new resources that I want to make you aware of.  One is a new book by Nancy Ratey that provides a really interesting and useful approach to finally changing the ADHD behaviors that have seem so entrenched.  The other is an upcoming conference about ADHD, sponsored by ADDA.

One of our readers commented on his experiences with vastly improving memory since his diagnosis of ADD, so I went to Dr. Hallowell to ask him – does ADD affect memory?  His response was typical Hallowell in the very best sense:

Hi - Ned Hallowell here.  I wanted to post an entry about what I think works best in a marriage where one or both partners have ADHD.  The key to it all is insight and empathy.