Parent/Child Dynamics

Parent/Child Dynamics will ruin your relationship.  In order to change them, you must first recognize what they look like.  This post deals with the 'child' side of the dynamic.

Parent/Child is hard to get out of, but you must do so to thrive.  These tips can help you begin.

Our research about how ADHD affects marriage also illuminates the specific ways in which non-ADD spouses are frustrated in their relationships.  The responders in this section are, once again, non-ADD spouses who have officially diagnosed ADD partners.  The themes these people write about are incredibly common.  If you are an ADD spouse and you hear your non-ADD spouse comment on these traits you should assume that they are being truthful – these REALLY ARE problems in your relationship – not a figment of your spouse’s imagination.  The question asked here?  What do you find most frustratin