Conversations go all wrong when we inadvertently invalidate our partners (or worse, do so on purpose!)  Lots of people are confused about what “validating” means – they think it means “agree with” or “empathize with,” neither or which is accurate.  So I want to try to clarify what validation is, and why it’s important by sharing some examples.

I ask couples to clarify their personal boundaries so that they are more likely to work as partners.  When you first start this process, though, it can feel as if you are getting “rejected,” particularly if those boundaries have to do with intimacy issues.  Let me help you understand why setting boundaries is an affirmation of your relationship, not rejection.

There are lots of extra challenges in many households this time of year – but there is opportunity for growth and love, too.  Here’s my idea to make this year’s holiday season happier and easier – seek and celebrate the gifts you already have.

For those of you who now see that ADHD might be hurting your marriage there is a lot of information to digest.  So here are six important, easy-to-remember ideas to focus on first so you can start improving your marriage right now.

I've been thinking about power balances in relationship recently, and the role that validation plays in maintaining balance between partners.  I want to propose that you consider doing an experiment to better understand the ways that you and your spouse validate each other (or don't).  If you understand this better it will give you information about how to diminish conflict in your household.

Both ADHD and non-ADHD spouses have a tendency to feel as if their own vision of the world is the way that the world really "is" - this feeling is human nature.  We have many years on earth, we've learned certain things about how the world works and who we (and others) are in relation to what's around us.  So it can be a revelation when we have the courage to step outside of our own view and try to see the world through our partner's eyes.  Doing this can be very healing for a couple because in so doing you validate your partner.