As you can see, we have updated the website after a good long run of seven years for the old one.  I want to publicly thank George for all his hard work - this was a huge undertaking as this site is now massive.  There will probably be a few glitches, and if you see one, please report it.  And, if you have a moment to thank George for his continued to support of this site, that would be great, too.  He is the 'silent' partner in all this, but works hard behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.  THANK YOU, GEORGE!

I've just been notified that this site was named one of the top ADHD sites for 2012 by - a site dedicated to helping people connect with a good therapist and explore whether or not therapy is right for them.  I'm delighted to receive the recognition!  And would like to introduce you to their site - if you are considering whether counseling might be right for you, they have lots of articles about what to look for, as well as a list of counselors who might be near you.  (You can also find counselors and coaches I know about for ADHD and ADHD relationship counseling at my list of professional resources.)

We are getting ready to update this site and are looking for your ideas. Tell us what you like about the current site set up and what you would like to see improved. We'll start work on this at the end of April, so please let us know your ideas and comments before April 30.  And thanks for you input!