Observations of this site from the "ADHD" Spouse

I am very new to visiting this site.  My wife had found the site and suggested that I read a couple of articles.  The article itself was pretty good.  When I opened this site by the main URL rather than linking from an article...here were/are my some observations.

- Pleasant colors

- Right off the bat I'm defensive.  I feel for the "spouses" on this site...I just get the sense that the site is more geared towards the Non-ADHD spouse.

- Way way too much information on the main page.  The type-setting is good, but the quantitiy of information is instantly overwhelming.  But....you thought this out and put a Tab up top that reads "Instructions - Read First".

- "Instructions - Read First" - ok this is good.  So I followed that link..and I read the contents.  Please consider the following:

   --Break the page into TWO seperate sections.  One for the ADHD and one for NON-ADHD.  This not only would tell me that the site "knows its audience" but cares to serve both.  I'm reminded of when I went to the eye Dr years ago...and he had a sign in the office for RK surgery....and the text of the sign was so small that it made it very difficult for those who would benefit from the procedure to actually cleary notice the sign.

   -- Ok...Where is the READ NEXT link?  Please....guide me through the sight.  Once I finished with Read First section...I wasn't sure if I was just going to get all ADHD is surf all areas of the site with no actual objective.  Perhaps.....have a nicely laid out legend asking some questions:  "Learn about abc...click here".


The BLOG Section.

 - I'm sure that many articles will be beneficial to either spouse.  But it would be nice to easily distinguish which of the articles are written with which spouse as the primary audience.  Sometimes, reading good articles written to the point of view of the non-adhd spouse can frankly be a bit of a bummer....like something is "wrong" and needs to be "fixed".

Ok...that is about it for now.  I can sense my attention to this post is fading :) 

I do very much appreciate the site.  The article entitled "ADHD Partners - Driving Without Driving Each Other Crazy" was/is good but challanging to implement.