Hard Work

ADHD & Marriage News - August 31, 2017

Quote of the Week

“Through greater effort and hard work a precious dream comes true.”

- Chinese fortune cookie

Hard Work

I was reading about research interviews recently conducted with couples who had been married many decades.  Karl Pillemer, a Cornell University gerontologist, and author of 30 Lessons for Loving, noted “Everybody – 100% - said at one point that the long marriage was the best thing in their lives.  But all of them also either said that marriage is hard, or that it’s really, really hard.”

This sure aligns with my own experience, as well as the broader array of marriage research.  We are taught to believe that great feelings and a happy marriage should be ‘easy’ and just come.  That aligns with many courtship experiences and sells magazines, but doesn’t align with reality.  The reality is that long-term, about 3% of couples end up staying in that romantic fairyland that we think is the ‘norm’ we somehow have missed.

Nope.  A good marriage is really hard work!  Are your expectations based in reality?


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