Normal Marital Hatred

ADHD & Marriage News - JANUARY 4, 2023

Quote of the Week

“The disillusionment phase (of a marriage) is critical.  It’s the stuff of intimacy.  It’s the collision of your imperfections and how we handle it.  Our culture doesn’t equip people to deal with that disillusionment.  It’s rough.  It’s dark.  I’ve run around the country for 20 years, talking about what I call “normal marital hatred” and not one person has ever come backstage to ask what I meant by that.”

-Terrence Real

Normal Marital Hatred

You and your partner are different, and it makes sense that you would get on each other nerves after years of living together.  Really get on each other’s nerves, at least some of the time!

Real calls this the ‘disillusionment phase’ of marriage.  Sound familiar?  The question is, what do you do with it?  Couples who are able to be kind and honest about their difficult feelings are more likely to be able to build the intimacy that gets them through these dark times. 

In my couples seminar I teach what’s called ‘conflict intimacy’ (session 9). The idea behind this form of communication is that each partner agrees to be neither aggressive nor defensive when they talk with each other, and to respect that no matter how much they disagree with what the other partner has to say, they have a right to hold that idea.  This form of communication takes practice (like any other skill) but couples who are able to master this conversational skill find their relationships deepened in spite of their differences.

When you speak with your partner, would you describe yourself as neither aggressive nor defensive?



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