Joy Snacking

ADHD & Marriage News - March 15, 2023

Quote of the Week

“Here’s an antidote to an ever-stressful, busy, and uncertain world.  Try finding and savoring little bites of joy in your day.  I call them “joy” snacks.”

-Richard Sima, Washington Post (11/17/22)

Joy Snacking

Mindfulness is well known to improve mental health, but I had never thought of it in these words.  And, truth be told, joy snacking sounds so much more fun than setting up a mindfulness practice!

So I started joy snacking and love it!  You might, too.

What moments give you joy is personal, but here is one example of how this works.  In the mornings my cat, Pepper, likes to jump in my lap as I’m finishing my breakfast.  In the past I’ve petted him a little, then put him off my lap to continue with my day.  Now I joy snack and spend several minutes noticing how lovely his loud purring is (and how happy it makes me!), the feel of his fur, the pleasure he shows at being with me. Sometimes I tell him “This is a great joy snack!  Thank you!”  Feeling gratitude in the moment makes it all the better.

There are other moments I’m much more likely to notice than before I started thinking about joy snacking.  Really, these little snacks make my days sweeter.  Which, of course, is the point.

What joy snacks might be in your life?



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