Walking on Eggshells

ADHD & Marriage News - September 9, 2021

Quote of the Week

“I don't feel as if I can be myself because I'm always worried about my partner's response to things I might say or request.  I'm always walking on eggshells at home.”

- Non-ADHD partner

Walking on Eggshells

I know this feeling and, whether you are a person with ADHD or a person without ADHD with an ADHD partner, I'm guessing you know it, too.

Will my partner explode?  Denigrade my request?  Become immediately defensive?  Tell me what I'm supposed to think instead of listening?  Not being sure, or experiencing a lot of unexpectedly emotional responses from your partner, can make one cautious about what one says.  You might measure whether to say anything at all.  But being shut down by a partner's anger, defensiveness or reactiveness is really hurtful to you and your relationship.

What do you do?  First and foremost, understand that while keeping the peace may be expedient in the short-term, in the long-term it's toxic for you.  This means that the issue needs to be addressed.  I'm not talking about keeping quiet about annoyances here - that's part of being respectful.  I'm talking about serious issues that can't be discussed because of fear of a partner's response.

A counselor can help open up communication between partners.  So can having the partner who is reactive or easily triggered take on this emotionality as a target symptom.  Sometimes reactiveness can be lessened through ADHD treatment or, for either partner, therapy.  

Because this is such a big issue for so many couples, I also sponsor an emotions and triggers course for one or both partners.  The next session starts October 14th, and it could be a good way to start to engage with this issue, too.

Whatever path you choose, please make sure that you take care of your own needs to be heard and respected by not continuing to take 'walking on eggshells' as the norm in your relationship.



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