New Sleep Habits

ADHD & Marriage News - March 19, 2024

Quote of the Week

“90% of people with ADHD have sleep issues of some sort.  Sleep deprivation interferes with creating and sustaining new habits because sleep is when the brain works on retention.”

- Jeremy Didier, LMSW, LMAC at 2022 CHADD conference

New Sleep Habits

Sleep deprivation is a big, big deal when it comes to ADHD.  It makes ADHD symptoms worse; it makes it harder to control your emotions; it diminishes your performance; and it interferes with becoming more reliable in your life and relationship by interfering with creating new habits.


Sadly, (and inconveniently!) the majority of those with ADHD have significant sleep issues.  Everything from natural diurnal clocks that don’t align with many jobs to sleep apnea and too much (exhausting) REM sleep.  What do you do?

I have put together a list of ideas on the science of getting more sleep.  I urge you to check out this blog post on how to get better sleep.  It may help you create a more regular sleep schedule.  If you try, and those ideas don’t work, consider going to a sleep specialist to see if you have a hard-to-notice sleep issue that can be corrected.  I know one woman, for example, who just felt exhausted all the time.  A sleep specialist diagnosed that not only did she have Sleep Apnea but that REM sleep was too large a portion of her sleep cycle.  Since REM sleep is quite exhausting to the brain, this was contributing to her feeling constantly tired.  The combination of a C-Pap machine and an anti-depressant (which diminishes REM sleep, as it turns out) has made a huge difference in her energy and ability to perform to the levels she chooses.

For those who sleep with a snoring partner, I’ve just discovered the joys of pink noise.  You can get 12-hours of uninterrupted pink noise through Spotify that does a great job (at not a very high volume) of smoothing out the ‘bumpiness’ of snoring that wakes partners up.

Do you or your partner struggle with getting enough sleep?  Take it seriously!



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