A Simple Moral Code

ADHD & Marriage News - February 23, 2023

Quote of the Week

“(My husband) has a simple moral code.  He tells the truth and does the right thing.”

- My Aunt

A Simple Moral Code

Relationship expert, John Gottman, has done a lot of research into what comprises the elements of trust.  His research suggests a simple equation – ‘transparency’ plus what he calls ‘positive moral certainty’.  Transparency is about being honest (transparent) as well as following through on what you promise.  Positive moral certainty is knowing that your partner is ethical and will treat you with respect and kindness.

In my couples’ seminar I talk about rebuilding trust in your relationship, as well as the way that this trust equation must be modified to accommodate ADHD.  Because it is impossible that a person with ADHD who sometimes doesn’t follow through on promises due to the presence of ADHD symptoms is inherently and always untrustworthy!  Yet, the inconsistency that ADHD symptoms adds must be accommodated in some way that is reassuring to both parties for trust to remain intact (or be rebuilt).

The ‘secret sauce’ is to add the ideas of owning ADHD symptoms and symptomatic behaviors, and being transparent about issues as they come up.  That might mean putting a backup system in place to call a partner if you’re running late to pick up the kids.  Or owning that you didn’t complete an important project and taking responsibility for creating (and executing) a plan to get it done now.  And…if you don’t have the skills in place to fully execute, taking responsibility to figure out how to learn those skills…or admitting that the project must done a different way – perhaps hiring it out, or exchanging tasks with a partner.

Doing the ‘right thing,’ as my Aunt would say, means taking responsibility…even if one is not always consistent…and making sure you are always honest as you do so.


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