Negative Feedback

ADHD & Marriage News - September 15, 2021

Quote of the Week

“Negative feedback loops are really good things. Without them, the bad things keep happening...until it's too late.”

- Deb Roy, director of the MIT Laboratory for Social Machines and the newly appointed director of the interdisciplinary Center for Constructive Communication

Negative Feedbacks

It’s hard to hear someone when they tell you they are unhappy with something you’ve done…or not done. And it’s hard to hear a partner tell you that your emotions, or what you just said, hurt. Critiques are common in relationships impacted by ADHD, and they hurt.

What to do? If you just hold your thoughts in, then it eats away at the relationship and pops out as resentment or chronic anger. Yet, if you provide constant negative feedback, that deflates the positive energy the relationship might have.

It’s a balancing act, for sure! 

Here are constructive ways to provide feedback so that ‘the bad things don’t keep happening,’ as Roy notes:

  • Comment on patterns, not individual incidents. That keeps the conversation at a higher level (less likely to spark defensiveness) and also keeps the number of incidents of feedback smaller. “I’ve noticed you’ve had trouble following through on things over the last 2 weeks, can we talk about this?” is more constructive than 7 different critiques about poor follow through
  • Remember that you need 5 positive comments to offset every 1 negative comment – so seek the positives and speak up about them!
  • Consider creating a specific time for feedback or issues you are confronting – this frees up the rest of the week to be a critique-free zone
  • Talk about yourself and your feelings, rather than about something your partner has done
  • Use ‘soft starts’ and make sure you have your partner’s full attention before getting into the core of what you wish to say
  • If you know what you are speaking about is a sensitive topic for your partner, consider giving a pre-amble. Something like “I know what I want to talk about is a difficult topic for you, but it’s important to me and I’m hoping you’ll be able to stay open to what I have to say. I am not trying to hurt you – rather, I’m trying to express my feelings.”

These are a few ideas that can help the two of you remain honest with each other, and keep smaller or repetitive issues from becoming big ones.

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