Register for Fall ADHD&Marriage Support

Hello to past seminar participants!  I hope that you are doing well (or at least well enough in this era of so much disruption).

If you are interested in doing additional relationship work this Fall, I have several offerings coming up that might be of interest:

For non-ADHD partners:  My non-ADHD partner support groups start in October and are open for registration.  These usually fill quickly, so please check out the dates immediately if you are interested.

For ADHD partners:  Cam Gott's Foundations in Habit Development helps adults with ADHD better understand and overcome the barriers to creating new, positive habits.  The format is group coaching, with participants supporting each other's progress, and Cam helping identify key issues.

For both partners together or either partner separately:  Managing Emotions and Triggers in Adults helps you understand and better manage quick and/or extreme emotions.  This was a new offering last year and I got very good feedback on the course content.

Finally, if you have taken the seminar before and want a refresher course, my policy is to add any couple who wishes it to the class list so that you can follow along with the live seminar again (or pick and choose).  If you wish to do this, please email me at [email protected] and make sure to provide both emails for the class list.

My best wishes to all of you,