Though there is no set answer, happy couples with ADHD share some common characteristics.  This post explores specific examples of couples who have made it work.

Trying to avoid feelings of shame is only human, but when it comes to adult ADHD, gentle engagement with raw areas can lead to significant gains.  But how to do that, when shame feels so bad?  These ideas, provided by adults with ADHD, can help both ADHD partners and non-ADHD partners.

When you and your spouse are first exploring whether or not ADHD has been a factor in your marriage it can seem both a relief (finally, a reason that explains so much!) and a bit overwhelming (ADHD seems to be everywhere!)  Some with ADHD resist thinking about how much ADHD can impact their relationship because it makes them feel "broken" or lessened.  I asked myself the other day - does it matter if you label it ADHD?

I was just reading a post in the forum area from a woman sharing her experiences with how much using the word AND has improved her life with her sons and husband.  I thought it was an interesting and positive idea that more would like to read about, so I link to it here.