ADHD Marriages: The Power of AND

I was just reading a post in the forum area from a woman sharing her experiences with how much using the word AND has improved her life with her sons and husband.  I thought it was an interesting and positive idea that more would like to read about, so I link to it here.  AND is a positive word - it's inclusive (much needed in the ADD world), and helps take things away from "black and white" viewpoints.  AND, it's accepting.  See what you think.


and no buts

AND it's a lot better than BUT. Try using AND when you might have used BUT in a sentence and see the difference! T

mywife AND i

it is amazing to see that difference with the word AND. i've been married over 30 years and i'm still learning the differences between women and men. my wife and i are each hypersensitive with emotional disorders, so it has been a up&down group of decades for us. sometimes when the want of screaming attacks we each know a walk AND a cool down session is in order. L