Great news! The ADHD Effect on Marriage has been released in Chinese (in addition to Dutch). We are delighted to offer this version for people who are more comfortable reading in Chinese. And we love the Asian adaptation of the book cover. To purchase this version, or for more information, please visit Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.

I’ve recently had the pleasure to “meet” (long distance) Kathrine Ellison, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who is the author of a new book on ADHD.  It’s called “Buzz” (her son’s nickname) and tracks a year in her life with her ADHD son as the two of them learn to get along better.  She also has ADHD, so apparently the result is a book that is funny, heartwarming, and full of information about how you can help a teen with ADHD.

Today, Sept. 1, is the official release date for my book, The ADHD Effect on Marriage and I'm celebrating!  For those of you who are waiting to receive it, thanks for your patience!  Though Amazon has been having trouble keeping up with the orders, I notice that Barnes and Nobles has it in stock both online and in many of their local stores.  Please spread the word about the book with those you love!  Note that I will be giving some talks - right now I'm planning east coast (October), plus Chicago (November).

I recently finished reading a book by William Ury, "Getting Past No:  Negotiating in Difficult Situations".  This is not a new book (originally published in 1991), but the subject matter is timeless, and is applicable in all aspects of life.  Although my purpose when I purchased this book had nothing to do with ADHD, I was simultaneously amused and astonished at how much of the material that the author covers is exactly what I figured out in adressing issues with my ADHD spouse when we were having serious problems.

     We (Sue, Ned, Melissa) are excited and a tad anxious as we wait to see our books on the stands.  This is like bringing a new baby into the world.  We hope you all like our baby, MARRIED TO DISTRACTION: RESTORING INTIMACY AND STRENGTHENING YOUR MARRIAGE IN AN AGE OF DISTRACTION.  Let us know, ok?  Thanks!!!

Doctor John Ratey, author of A User's Guide to the Brain and co-author of Delivered from Distration has come out with a GREAT new book on how exercise affects your brain -  Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain tells you in easy-to-read prose how exercise improves your focus (ADDers take note!), beats stress, improves your mood, improves your memory and more.  In fact, the right kinds of exercise actually GROWS more brain connections.  Not sure about keeping that New Year's resolution?  Read this book!