Celebrating the Release of The ADHD Effect on Marriage

Today, Sept. 1, is the official release date for my book, The ADHD Effect on Marriage and I'm celebrating!  For those of you who are waiting to receive it, thanks for your patience!  Though Amazon has been having trouble keeping up with the orders, I notice that Barnes and Nobles has it in stock both online and in many of their local stores.  Please spread the word about the book with those you love!  Note that I will be giving some talks - right now I'm planning east coast (October), plus Chicago (November).  I'll post dates for these in the "events" box of the home page at the top right as I firm them up.  And, for those of you who are interested, I'm giving a seminar to answer questions and talk about important emotional issues and healing strategies starting Sept. 13.  I'm quite excited about the seminar and think it will be both informative and extremely helpful to those couples who take it.