Celebrating the Release of The ADHD Effect on Marriage

Today, Sept. 1, is the official release date for my book, The ADHD Effect on Marriage and I'm celebrating!  For those of you who are waiting to receive it, thanks for your patience!  Though Amazon has been having trouble keeping up with the orders, I notice that Barnes and Nobles has it in stock both online and in many of their local stores.  Please spread the word about the book with those you love!  Note that I will be giving some talks - right now I'm planning east coast (October), plus Chicago (November).  I'll post dates for these in the "events" box of the home page at the top right as I firm them up.  And, for those of you who are interested, I'm giving a seminar to answer questions and talk about important emotional issues and healing strategies starting Sept. 13.  I'm quite excited about the seminar and think it will be both informative and extremely helpful to those couples who take it.


Just got it!

I just got my copy of this book in the mail from BandN. I can't wait to read it. I've only been married 3 months and our marriage is still wonderful but as with all relationships there are issues. When I saw Melissa and Ned on tv in August it was like a giant light bulb went on. As they talked about the couple where the husband has ADHD and they described what their marriage was like, my husband and I both looked at each other with amazement. This described our problems to a tee. I just thought my husband was completely oblivious to time and commitments, that I was always going to be the responsible one (I always joke that we aren't having children because I'm already married to one) etc. All the symptoms fit my husband to a tee. I never dreamed he might have ADHD but it makes so much sense.

While our marriage hasn't had time to get as desperately bad as some I read about here, I can't wait to read this book so that we can head off the problems faced in ADHD marriages before they ruin our marriage. I love my husband more than anything and just knowing that there is possibly an explanation for the way he acts makes me feel so much better and has already helped me be so much more patient with him. While he hasn't been formally diagnosed (its hard to get him to go to the Dr.) I don't see how it couldn't be ADHD. It explains so much about the way he is now to the problems he's had since he was a teenager.

I'm hoping to at least learn some good communication techniques that will help us even if I can't ever get my husband to go to a Dr. or therapist. I know he'll never take medication but if we can at least learn some other ways to live with ADHD, I'll be happy!!

Gald you're excited about book

And it's great that you are getting it as "preventive therapy."  If you end up liking it, please share that with other readers at B&N.  You would be doing other readers, and me, a favor.

I've read the book

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!  I got the book late last week and read it twice.  I was on the verge of divorce, but I think I'm going to wait and do it differently.  I'm going to read it again and again.  Maybe the tips and strategies will become second nature and ingrained in my behavior so my reactions to his ADHD are automatic and positive instead of rage.  It won't be easy but my children and I are worth it. 


Just got my book yesterday

I was going to order right away when I first heard about it and then found out it wasn't available yet. I finally got around to ordering last week and got it yesterday from Amazon.  I started reading last night when I got home from work and couldn't put it down.   I just can't get over how many things describe us to a tee.  As I posted on another thread I think we figured out on our own how to do the "right thing" in many cases so our marriage is really pretty good in my opinion - probably also because we have no kids to make it more challenging.  However there are many ways our relationship could be better and I think the book may help us.  In some ways I think we don't know what we're missing and have maybe "settled" thinking this is pretty good and as good as it gets.  I think my husband will be willing to read the book also - he is the one who has the ADHD traits but this is my opinion only - no professional diagnosis.  I think he believes there may be something to this though based on some info I've shared with him.  Anyway, can't wait to get home and get back to the book. 

Review of book

Thank you for your kind words.  I encourage anyone who liked the book to go post their experience with it at Amazon so that others can read about it.  I have had a great deal of very positive feedback, and am delighted that it helps not only those in distress but those who wish to head off bigger issues.  Let's share it with the bigger world!