couples seminar

If you’re at this site, chances are that you are looking for all the help you can get to improve your ADHD-affected relationship.  A great resource for this is my upcoming couples seminar which STARTS JANUARY 4th – only a few short weeks away!  If you are like those who took the course this fall, in seven calls you are likely to see surprising improvements in your relationship.  At a minimum, you’ll have a far deeper understanding of the issues that you face and some of your options for dealing with them.

A gentle reminder to those of you out there who are considering signing up for my upcoming seminar for couples interested in improving their marriage - the seminar starts this coming Monday, Sept. 13th.  It's going to be an outstanding, positive, informative experience for both partners and will help you open doors you didn't even know were there.  The program runs 7 consecutive Mondays from 7:30-8:30 eastern time, by phone.  For more information, go to this link.

I am delighted to announce that I will be giving a seven week seminar starting September 13th for those couples interested in going more in-depth into how to apply the ideas in The ADHD Effect on Marriage to their relationship.  The seminar is not a reiteration of the book.  Rather, it is designed to augment the book, answering questions that you may still have.  I hope it will provide a way for couples whom I cannot fit into my consulting schedule to be able to ask questions and utilize my ideas effectively.  For more information,