Create a Marriage Breakthrough

If you’re at this site, chances are that you are looking for all the help you can get to improve your ADHD-affected relationship.  A great resource for this is my upcoming couples seminar which STARTS JANUARY 4th – only a few short weeks away!  If you are like those who took the course this fall, in seven calls you are likely to see surprising improvements in your relationship.  At a minimum, you’ll have a far deeper understanding of the issues that you face and some of your options for dealing with them.

This seminar isn’t a rehash of The ADHD Effect on Marriage.  Rather, it complements the book – helping you both dig deeper.  My intention in giving the course is to get couples “jumpstarted” on the road to improvements while answering their most important questions through live (and pre-sent) Q&A.  As one past participant wrote:

“This course helped my husband and me tremendously.  For the first time we didn’t feel that either one of us was to blame.  That allowed us to finally let go of some anger and start working on getting better...we have made more progress in this 7 week seminar than we have in 2 years of couples therapy.”

I encourage you to register soon, before it slips your mind in the holiday rush – you have much to gain and little to lose.  And, if you can’t make one of the sessions, you can listen to a recording of it after the fact to “keep up.” Go to this link for more information.