Dr. Phil

If you want to hear what Dr Phil and Dr Hallowell have to say about ADHD and marriage, as well as find out about some couples who are struggling with it, you can go to this page at the Dr. Phil website which recaps the July 9th show on saving marriages hurt by ADHD symptoms.

Welcome to the viewers from the Dr Phil Show, as well as other newcomers to this site.  There is a lot here, so we suggest you start with the blog posts.  Some of the "favorites" are under "Melissa's Favorite Posts" in the top right corner, or you can explore by area of concern in the "categories" area.  The site also has a forum where people with concerns share them.  Many find it reassuring that others share their issues but please understand that the forum is biased by the fact that those who have found this (unadvertised) site often seek it out because their marriage is in deep trouble.

This show with Dr. Hallowell has been taped but we do not know the air date.  It is not the week of May 4th, as previously thought.  We will post the air date here when we are given it, or you can go to the Dr. Phil Show web site each weekend for a list of the upcoming week's show topics.  Thanks for your patience on this - t.v. often works this way!  Comments for this post are disabled as of May 3.

For info on the Dr Phil Show, please see the more recent March 30 post.  I didn't erase this spot because people had posted attachments to it which would have disappeared had I eliminated the post all together.