personal responsibility

To you, the distraction, trouble following through and general struggle suggest ADHD.  Plus, you have kids who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD.  Yet your partner refuses that he (or she) shows all the signs.  What do you do?

Anger often invades ADHD relationships, and couples may compound their pain and feed that anger by falling victim to these common myths.

“It is not me nor my spouse that is broken.  It is the relationship that is broken.”  These wise words were posted in the forum not too long ago.  A breath of fresh air and some great perspective – so much clearer than blaming your partner!

As I've mentioned in many of my posts, I am by nature an impatient, angry person, not at all shy of conflict.  I've always felt that there was so much that I needed and wanted to do with my life, and nowhere near enough time to do it.  I like people and having a  good time, but to enjoy myself and fulfill my life responsibilities, I needed everyday life to move right along.  I had a fairly short fuse, and anybody who got in my way or made it more difficult made me mad.