There’s more to learn, but we do know quite a bit about how different treatments for ADHD stack up.  Here is athe lowdown on what works, and how it compares to other treatments.  I also write about what doesn't work, as well.

You think you probably have ADHD.  What do you do next?

An interesting research study reiterates what past studies have largely shown – that neurofeedback is not a great treatment for ADHD

Follow this path to get started on managing your ADHD.

Staying organized enough to take care of parents and family members can add a lot of pressure to your life.  One woman with ADD recently reached out for advice:

Looking to have a happier year in 2015?  Why not pick one of these eight resolutions that can help couples impacted by ADHD turn their lives in a happier, healthier direction this year?

On average, some treatments are more effective than others.  This post provides specific details.

Couples who are struggling with the impact of ADHD in their relationship will be delighted to hear that I have just completed an in-depth self-study course that can help them turn their marriage around. 

When you and your spouse are first exploring whether or not ADHD has been a factor in your marriage it can seem both a relief (finally, a reason that explains so much!) and a bit overwhelming (ADHD seems to be everywhere!)  Some with ADHD resist thinking about how much ADHD can impact their relationship because it makes them feel "broken" or lessened.  I asked myself the other day - does it matter if you label it ADHD?

When you're trying repeatedly to get an ADHD spouse to "respond" to your requests it's hard not to get into nagging mode.  But non-ADHD spouses need to avoid chronic nagging patterns if they are to be successful, happy partners.  This is much harder than it sounds.