Our Online Treatment Guide Can Help You Manage ADHD

We're celebrating! We've just added a free online treatment guide to this site in order to to include the best resources for treating adult ADHD in relationships in one location.  Included in this treatment guide is a free treatment ebook download that explains how ot optimize your treatment.  This guide is an effort to do the sorting for you with our "experts" caps on.

Three top ADHD experts agreed to review the e-book pre-publication to make sure it was right (and good!)  For that we thank Dr. Ned Hallowell, Dr. John Ratey (top ADHD experts and co-authors of Driven to Distraction, among others) and Mary Solanto, Ph.D., (now at NYU in New York).  But as we were writing it we were still frustrated - the science on treating adult ADHD is changing all the time and there are some good resources online.  Finally, we agreed that it made sense to put a treatment guide online that would complement the information in the book and which could be updated as important new information becomes available.

Make sure to explore the areas about non-medicinal treatment and sleep.  These are both critical to improving management of ADHD.

We invite you to take a look...and to alert us to anything you believe we should add.