Hallowell Against Use of Marijuana to Treat ADHD

A quote in the New York Times on November 21 misled some people into believing that Dr. Ned Hallowell thinks that using marijuana to treat ADHD is a good idea.  Just the opposite, he thinks it is a very bad idea and has said so for many years.  Here is his response to those who had questions about this:

"I am trying to correct misunderstandings of what I was quoted as saying in the Nov. 21 NY Times. Many people came away believing I am in favor of people who have ADHD using marijuana as a medication.  THIS IS NOT AT ALL TRUE!!!!  In fact, it is the opposite of what I believe.  I am TOTALLY opposed to the use of marijuana for two practical and important reasons.  First, it is illegal.  Using pot can cause major trouble with the law.  Second, it can lead to a dependency such that all a person wants to do is smoke pot all day.  I have spent many hours trying to help people give up marijuana.  It is cruelly ironic that my words should be so misconstrued.  Please understand, I am a fervent opponent of the use of marijuana, especially by people who have ADHD.  It can cause huge life problems."