Please Spread the Word! Professional Course to Be Given By Phone

We got so much feedback about our new professional education course for marriage therapists - "This looks like a FABULOUS course, but I can't make it to Boston!" - that we have changed the format to be a phone seminar.  I've very excited about this because it's a win/win/win/win:

  • same amazing faculty (Ned Hallowell, Kevin Murphy, Sue Hallowell and me)
  • same course content PLUS readings, which will make the course richer, and probably get ADDITIONAL CE CREDIT (we're finalizing that info)
  • MUCH lower price (only $295 with the early registration discount)
  • more convenient - no need to travel - six sessions in May and June and you can hear a recording if you miss one

I should have set it up this way in the first place - but thanks for contacting us and letting us know what you wanted!  SO, if you are a professional interested in learning more about how to help couples manage ADHD issues, or if you know of a therapist whom you think would benefit from this information, please pass this great news on!  For full course information, go to this link.  (This is a professionals-only course, but if you are a member of a couple and want to take my couples course, the next session starts April 26th.  You can find more information about that here.)