Evaluating Research Results Carefully

ADHD & Marriage News - August 17, 2019

Quote of the Week

Note to reader…the following statement is misleading on its own, please read the entire message

“For several decades, research suggested that there was no benefit of ADHD medication on actual academic achievement (tests of academic knowledge and skills) even though substantial evidence showed improvements in ADHD symptoms, class behavior, and work productivity, and to a lesser extent, accuracy."

- the beginning of a research review in The ADHD Report, edited by Russell Barkley, Ph-D

Evaluating Research Results Carefully

For a long-time, research has suggested that having your child take ADHD meds wouldn’t improve his or her school performance.  And, if you just read this introductory sentence, you might conclude that this was still true.

It turns out, the point tha Barkley next makes is that it is likely that researchers got this result because they re-tested academic performance soon after meds were started.  This misses the point – it takes time to acquire new knowledge and for that acquisition to be reflected in academic outcomes.  A large-scale longitudinal study recently showed something completely different.  That over time (years, not weeks or months) treating ADHD significantly improved academic performance.

I take away two lessons for couples here.  First, bad science means bad research results.  Be careful to get your information from a source you trust to have fully vetted study methodology (this is generally NOT the press!)  Second, just as it takes time for the effects of treatment to show its benefits in school settings, so too does it take time in relationships.

Or as one seminar participant who has been taking my courses for a while recently put it “it’s a process that take a while.”  Think of it as a journey.  This makes sense.  Your lives are complicated.  Identifying what needs to change and which ADHD-friendly ways you will use to make those changes takes education and thought.  Learning new habits is hard, and making them stick takes time.

I don’t lay this out to discourage you, rather just the opposite.  You may not see change right away, but if you both stick with it, chances are good that in time, you will.

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