ADHD & Marriage News - December 12, 2018

Quote of the Week

“If I stop beating myself up for the ways I’m not perfect, that’s like admitting to the world – and to myself – that I’ll never be perfect, that I’m permanently inadequate!  I need my self-criticism in order to maintain hope and to motivate myself to get better…(it sounds rational, but it’s not…)

Think about it.  What would really happen if you stopped running from yourself or beating yourself up?  What would happen if you put down the whip you’ve been flogging yourself with for decades?

When you stop beating yourself up – when you stop reinjuring yourself – what happens is…you start to heal."

- Emily Nagoski, from Come As You Are 


“I’m never going to be good enough.”

“I’ve never been able to do that.”

“I’m a fraud and others will figure that out if I’m not perfect.  I can’t let down my guard.”

These are just a few of the comments I’ve heard from adults with ADHD who suffer from self-esteem issues.  They develop these issues over time, as people they respect (teachers, parents, partners) tell them they could do a better job if they would just try harder.

Soon, they take on the injury as their own – reopening the wound at regular intervals with negative self-talk.

If you suffer this way, consider trying one of these approaches:

• Cognitive behavioral therapy works to help patients quiet the negative voices that interfere with their lives

• Internal family systems therapy – this is a form of therapy that helps patients understand their many internal mental ideas, or ‘parts.’  In so doing, they can ‘befriend’ their parts and stop being victim to their whims

• Optimizing ADHD treatment.  Sometimes negative thoughts are around ADHD symptomatic behaviors – when you improve the behaviors with better treatment, the opportunity for negative thoughts diminishes.

Might any of these approaches work for you?


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