Happiness and All That

ADHD & Marriage News - February 28, 2019

Quote of the Week

“Happiness is a choice and a set of skills."

- Mary Pipher, psychologist and author of Reviving Ophelia

Happiness and All That

My mother passed away in 2008 and, soon after, my father chose a partner who is the most intentionally happy person I have ever met.  It has been a wonderful experience to observe how she absorbs bad news, thinks about how she wants to respond, and then takes action to create a happier path.  When I saw this quote it reminded me of her.  Without a doubt she chooses to be happy rather than sad or angry, and she applies a set of skills she has been honing for a lifetime.

What are those skills?  Here are a few:

  • Actively looking for the positive every day
  • Taking responsibility for creating your own happiness and putting boundaries around that so that others can’t ‘steal it away’
  • Reflecting on what you love to do and pursuing it – so that your life is filled with activities that make you happy
  • Exercising (which is a mood stabilizer) and getting outdoors whenever possible (also a mood stabilizer)
  • Connecting with others every day

I don’t wish to suggest that this is a Pollyanna-ish approach to life.  She doesn’t shy away from addressing the problems she faces.  Instead, her view is that she wants to live her life in happiness, and in spite of any issues, she is going to work hard to help that happen.

Could you do the same?

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