ADHD and Marriage: Learn How to Thrive

If one or both spouses in your marriage has ADHD you can be assured that your relationship is affected by it - probably without your even knowing.  And no wonder - there isn't much information out there about this topic, and most people would assume that they are just "having relationship troubles".

Here's the good news - many ADHD-affected relationships follow similar patterns, and once you can identify these patterns you can also affect them for the positive.  Perhaps you are feeling angry or frustrated, underappreciated or that you are working too hard in your relationship.  Perhaps you feel that your spouse nags you constantly or doesn't understand you...these can all be related directly to ADHD issues (for you or your spouse or both of you).

So, what are the patterns in ADHD marriages?  How do you know if your marriage can be improved by learning about these patterns?  How can you get back the love and joy you felt when you first were together?  Join us as we explore how you can thrive in your ADHD relationship!

Dr. Ned Hallowell and Melissa Orlov

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