ADHD and Marriage: You Know Your Relationship is Improving When...

This site spends a lot of time addressing and airing problems - I thought it was time to write a light hearted post about the successes that couples who have come here have experienced.  These are all real stories taken from my clients of the past few months.  Enjoy!

You know your relationship is improving when...

  • You used to not be able to speak to each other but now can’t wait to go camping together for a week and share a tent.
  • An ADHD partner used to ask “what’s the use of planning our future when we probably  won’t be together?” and now is getting ready to make the commitment to a new home
  • A couple who has had trouble communicating learns to trust each other again enough to honestly share their ideas.  They learn they are on the same team.
  • Making out starts to sound fun.
  • A young woman used to worry that her husband’s fury and hurry in the mornings would end in injury for one of her children as he quickly reversed the car out of the driveway.  After he starts to treat his ADHD he gets his anger under control.  Suddenly, their lives take a completely new and happier direction.
  • A man is so unhappy that he could never bring himself to go to bed at the same time as his wife.  Both felt lonely.  As they worked through their differences he learned he could trust her enough to speak about his feelings.  They now go to bed early and spend time reading, cuddling or talking.  Both love it.
  • The non-ADHD partner who was so unhappy that she used to ask “what’s the point of all this?” and now is saying “I’m so grateful we are together.”
  • The ADHD partner gets distracted and rear-ends another car.  He heads home with his tail between his legs, expecting to be chastised.  Instead, his wife says matter-of-factly “well these things happen.”  His heart swells with love for her and both realize that this is the beginning of their new life together.  He moves back in and they start all over at the "infatuation" stage.