ADHD Marriage Mobile Friendly Site Kicks Off 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Ten years of helping couples navigate the ins and outs of living with adult ADHD is worth celebrating!  So last year I challenged myself to start thinking about what else I ought to provide that would help struggling couples fall in love all over again.   You may have seen some of it already - a free e-book about treatment to help ADHD partners; new tele-support groups for individuals with ADHD and another one for partners of ADHD given by the wonderful Jill Corvelli, and now this mobile-friendly website that makes it MUCH easier to access information from your phone and tablet.

But that's just the start of the celebration - more is coming!

  • a video in which three couples tell their stories of how they turned around their struggling relationships and fell in love again (these couples who were all in very bad places, wanted to tell you that there IS hope!)
  • the addition of a wonderful new blogger who is a woman with ADHD, to add to the ADHD partner support on the site (Katie will start soon!!)
  • specific 'In focus' resource pages that provide vital, in-depth information about topics I get asked regular questions about - women with ADHD, for example, or sex and ADHD
  • geographically based workshops for couples who want to work in-depth with me on improving their relationship skills
  • a new resource for ADHD adults to instill lasting behavioral changes

If you get these blog posts by email, come visit our updated website - and feel free to send us your feedback.  In addition, I would love to hear from you - what else would help you as you seek to improve your ADHD-impacted relationship?