A Book, A Treatment, and 3 Centers

     I want to mention a book that is full of fascinating information related to our modern world and attention; a treatment for ADHD that most people haven't heard of; and 3 centers that offer the best, most comprehensive treatment for ADHD (because I designed them!).

     The book is called DISTRACTED: THE EROSION OF ATTENTION AND THE COMING DARK AGE.  The author is journalist Maggie Jackson.  The book was published in 2008 by Prometheus Books.  While it is not about ADHD per se, it is most definitely chock full of information any person who cares about ADHD and attention will eat up!

     The treatment I want to mention is called Integrated Listening System, or iLs for short.  You can Google it to learn more.  It is based on the work done decades ago in France by Alfred Tomatis.  An American company picked up on the system and made it more practical.  It combines listening to filtered music through headphones (the music sounds like classical music but it is filtered in special ways to promote brain changes and increased attention) and also doing physical exercises that stimulate the cerebellum, exercises like standing on a wobble board or juggling.  If you listen to the music for a half hour or so 3 or 4 times per week, you can reap impressive benefits.  The program needs more research before it can make stronger claims, but I have seen impressive enough results to become a consultant for the company and to endorse the product, something I do not do easily.  I am always looking out for alternative, non-medication treatments for ADHD, and I believe this is one of the best.

       The offices I want to mention are my centers in Sudbury and Needham, MA and in New York City.  Should you want to book an appointment, for Sudbury call 978-287-0810; for Needham, call 781-726-6698; and for New York (we're on west 72nd St. between Columbus and Amsterdam) call 212-799-7777.  You can see me personally either in Sudbury or New York.  I am in Sudbury usually on Tuesdays and in the New York office Wed., Thurs., and Fri.  We take a strength-based approach.  We perform diagnostics on children and adults, and offer a full array of treatments including medication, psychotherapy, coaching, and various alternative or complementary treatments.