The Cuddle Rule

A member of one of my current non-ADHD support groups recently shared a strategy that he and his husband use to help them stay connected.  The rule is simple.  Any time they watch TV, they must be cuddling.  For obvious reasons, they call it the Cuddle Rule.

"We make a point of touching - maybe spooning, holding hands, having our legs cross each other...some form of touching to show we care."  He notes that it's always the rule in their household, no matter the emotional temperature.  When they have been having a disagreement and aren't really on the same page, one might suggest they watch some television and the other will say 'You remember the Cuddle Rule, right?'  The acknowledgement that they have agreed to always cuddle has become a form of repair for them.  Simply put, it's a lot harder to stay mad at your partner when you're holding his hand or cuddled up, watching your favorite show.

My husband and I have now adopted the Cuddle Rule ourselves and we have great fun with it, even with others around.  Recently my husband, daughter and her boyfriend were all on the couch, watching a movie.  I could have sat in another chair and probably would have in other times.  Instead, I said "Cuddle Rule!" and they made room for me.  Both couples had fun with it and got some good cuddle time.

Why not adopt the Cuddle Rule in your own home?