Distracted during sex?

     Hi, Ned Hallowell here.  I am starting to post on this blog again.  I hope I can do it correctly.

     I noticed questions about being distracted during sex.  I saw some great suggestions, from Melissa and others.  Let me add one more thought.

     It is VERY COMMON for people who have ADD to get distracted during lovemaking.  They distracted doing everything else, why not during sex?  Don't take it personally!!!!  It is just ADD in action.  One of the simplest, most effective remedies is 5 or 10 mg of a stimulant like Ritalin an hour prior to making love.  One of my female patients calls Ritalin the female Viagra.  In any case, when it works, it works very well.  Of course, do this only under a doctor's supervision.

      Good luck!!