Marriage and Relationship Help for Couples Affected by ADHD

After years of writing about how ADHD affects relationships I am finally offering counsel for couples who want to apply my expertise to their marriage or relationship.  Your situation can feel overwhelming and you are seeking help, but many of you say it’s hard to find someone who truly understands the complex dynamics of the ADHD-affected relationship.

Quite frankly, I’m doing this because there are just too many times when I read a post on this site and say to myself “Boy, if I could just work with this couple for a while…!” 

I’m not a doctor, and am not offering medical services, but I can help you and your spouse get out of your rut.  Finding the right balance that lets each partner accept responsibility for their actions without pinning blame on either one is an important part of how I help.  Identifying what’s likely due to ADHD symptoms – or to a response to ADHD symptoms – is also a key strength.  Then…what to do?  My experience suggests that in order to succeed you will need an actionable “plan of attack” – and ways to measure your success as you move forward.  We will craft that plan together.

To find out if working with me might be a good fit for you and your spouse, go to the counseling tab at the top of the page.