Melissa Orlov and Drs. Hallowell, Barkley, and Murphy discuss ADHD and Relationships

Is ADHD affecting your marriage? It would be rare if it didn't, but traditional marriage counseling often isn't very helpful unless ADHD is diagnosed and treated. The good news is it's highly treatable. In the March issue of the American Psychological Association (APA) Monitor Magazine, Melissa and Drs. Hallowell, Barkley, and Murphy discuss how undiagnosed ADHD affects millions of adults - and their romantic relationships. Read the article at APA Monitor.  



ADHD as an afterthought

He went to a new psychiatrist today, and the diagnoses were anxiety, depression, PTSD from childhood, and MAYBE some minor ADHD. Xanax for anxiety, and Restoril for sleep. Meanwhile, things continue to get worse, and I'm fed up. Going to weekly marriage therapy has NOT helped so far.

If/when we get a divorce, I know I did everything in my power to change myself, and to save this. It's not enough.