"My Partner Is Mad Because..."

My husband sent me a link to a HuffPost article about the Funniest Tweets About Reasons Couples Have Gotten Mad at Each Other.  For purposes of 'you have to laugh at this stuff, else you'll cry," I thought I would add some of my own, and encourage you to do the same.  Remember to keep what you write short, like a tweet.  The point of this is to see the humor in our lives, for a change.

I used to wake up mad at my husband when he did something bad in my dreams.

One of our worst fights was about his blowing grass clippings into the flower beds.

It infuriated me when he would buy me a gift (usually a bike) that we hadn't discussed first.

One time he gave me ruby earrings as a surprise.  I asked him what he had done wrong.

My husband got pissed at me when I said I would take my bike to the bike shop for repair, rather than wait another year for him to repair it himself.

My husband and I fought over who had to wait for whom when leaving the house...we both thought the other one should wait.


You get the idea.  Lots of stuff that we get mad at is actually funny when you stand back a bit and appreciate the irony of life.  And, as you'll see if you read the linked article, it happens to us all.