October is ADHD Month - Build Your Knowledge of ADHD

October is ADHD Awareness Month, which means there are some excellent programs going on that can get you more information about ADHD and introduce you to some of the other experts in the field.

Two of the best are the ADHD Expo and ADDA’s TADD talks and both are free.  Tara McGillicuddy, who manages ADDClasses.com (the best place to find lectures about many different ADHD topics for a small subscription fee) will interview 35 experts about ADHD during her ADHD AWARENESS EXPO from October 2 – 8.  Topics are wide-ranging…here are just a few samples:

  • Coach Cameron Gott – Breaking Free from Urgency
  • Dr. Russell Ramsay – Better Understanding ADHD Thinking
  • Jodi Sleeper-Triplett – Connecting with Your ADHD Teen
  • Dr. Ari Tuckman – Time Management
  • Dr. David Nowell – ADHD and Anxiety

You get the idea – lots of experts and lots of quick introductions (about 15 minutes each) to ADHD-related topics (I’m talking about Better Communication for Couples on Friday, Oct 7 at 7pm…date night???!)  Go to this link to register (free) for the ADHD Expo.

The TADD Talks are an even quicker intro to ADHD topics – 9 minutes long – and one is released each day via your email (register here), Twitter, Facebook, etc. Click this link for a primer podcast feed.  Again – lots of experts talking about their particular area of expertise.  Dr. Ned Hallowell opens today, October 1 with a talk on the positive side of ADHD.  I follow on October 2 with a talk about “The Elephant in the Room: ADHD and Your Relationship.”  Two more great experts talk about their areas of expertise shortly after:

  • Elaine Taylor-Klaus on Parenting when you have ADHD
  • Ari Tuckman on Sex Matters even more for couples with ADHD

Ari did a big survey last year on sex and ADHD relationships which identified some very interesting information.

Finally, I do want to remind you that my live couples phone seminar is coming up soon – October 13 is the start date.  In 8 sessions you will have full access to ask me all of your questions, learn a ton about how to manage ADHD in your relationship and (if you are like many other couples who have taken the course) start to turn your relationship around.

I hope you’ll join in learning more about ADHD during ADHD Awareness Month!