Part 3 - I Love My ADHD Spouse's Sense of Humor

When you have ADHD in your relationship it’s a great thing to be able to LAUGH!  And exactly that’s what a number of non-ADHD spouses say they love about their ADHD partner.  Here are some examples:

“What do I love about my ADHD spouse?  Almost everything. He has the best sense of humor; he makes me laugh out loud more than anyone I've ever known. He is incredibly tender with our daughters and has tea with them and pretends to be their student in their play school; he has endless patience for them and their questions. He is a true intellectual partner to me, and I treasure that - I see in him a real companion with whom I could grow old, if he has his ADHD under control.”

“I love my husband’s quirky sense of humor…I tend to take life a little “too” seriously sometimes, and I need his sense of the ridiculous to keep me on an even keel.  But mostly I love that he is not boring…My husband is still interesting to me after 35 years of marriage…”

“I love my husband’s sense of humor.  It balances me out.  I never have to ask for a cuddle, he is a very affectionate man.”

“The most wonderful, important thing about my husband (and it always has been) is his offbeat sense of humor.  I grew up in a somewhat unusual family, where my father and brother (both quick-witted Mensa-types) effectively played what could be called "Xtreme Punning" whenever they were together, so I was brought up with a lot of very weird humor.  My husband is the only other man I've ever met who "got" their humor, could join in with them sometimes, and could joke with me on the same kind of basis (although at my speed, which is a bit slower than my dad and bro, thank goodness!).  He also loves to tell "shaggy dog" stories (so much that he mostly remembers how they go, even when they are really convoluted).  When we were newly married and abysmally poor, we could make our own entertainment, and what a great way for our kids to learn vocabulary!  Humor has played a huge role in keeping us together.

I really don't know whether his humor is related to his ADHD or not -- his ADHD dad and brother enjoy puns but just don't quite have his facility with them -- they come up with stuff that's amusing, but nothing that makes me want to shout with laughter the way my hubby does.  I think maybe his sense of humor is uniquely his own -- but I also suspect the ADHD helps him see humor where others don't.”

My DH is beyond funny, I can't tell you how many times I've laughed until my body and face ached.  The times I've laughed the hardest, it wasn't even his intention to be funny. (I don't know if this is just him, or ADD has a part.  All I know is this happens A LOT).”

I hope that reading these quotes just makes you smile, as they do me.