Podcast Available for Anger and Marriage Talk

Zoe Kessler and I tackled the topic of ADHD, marriage and anger from two different perspectives - that of an ADHD adult (her) and that of a non-ADHD adult and marriage expert.  We had an interesting conversation around the biological side of ADHD anger - what that feels like, for example - and the environmental side of marital anger (as in "I can't believe my non-ADHD partner is on my case AGAIN!!" and "I can't believe my ADHD partner dropped the ball again!!")  It's useful to realize that anger in your relationship comes from different places.  You can get the link to the podcast from Zoe's blog, here.  We're on again on Thursday, May 24 at 8pm talking about finding the positives in ADHD relationships.  I'll post registration information as soon as it's available.